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Welcome to Dreadheadshop

We Just Love Dreadlocks!

Here at dreadheadshop you will find everything you need for your dreadlocks.

Dreadheadshop has the largest selection of dreadlock accessories, including

natural, organic and residue free dreadlock shampoo, dreadlock care products,

products for problematic scalp and tightening of dreadlocks.

In addition, you will find a variety of dreading tools, crochet hooks, dreadlocks combs, elastic bands and

much more to start and maintain dreadlocks. We also stock a huge selection of Dreadlock jewelry and beads.

If you need information and knowledge about dreadlocks please visit the ‘All about Dreadlocks’ page

where you will find step by step guides and videos showing how to start, maintain and style your dreadlocks.

When you shop at Dreadheads, you help to support a good project.

Every year we support good purposes and this year we have chosen to support the Children's Welfare Foundation.




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