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Created on during Dreadlocks Q&A

If your dreadlocks are new or old, doesn't make such a big difference when you have to choose products. It's individually how many products you want to use, but here are two of our favorites:
1. Tightening Gel (for eksempel: Raw Roots Tightening gel)
Aloe Vera is the oldest and most used product to tighten and take care of dreadlocks. Besides adding the hair moisture and care, it also holdes the hair in a new dreadlocks togeher which will remove some of the "fluffyness" you experience with young dreadlocks.
Tip: we the that you use tightening gel after wash when the hair is dried with towel. Then roll it into your hair and then let it dry.

2. Tightening spray (For eksempel: Raw Roots Tightening Spray)
Tightening Spray is a little like the gel, and contains aloe vera though not as much as in the gel product. The Spray also contains salt that desiccate dreadlocks so that they can be easily shaped. So this is a good product for new dreadlocks, as it can make the process of forming dreadlocks faster.
Tip: Spray can be used in hair when you like, but we recommend you roll your dreadlocks when it's applied, for best possible effect.

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