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DREAD WAX does it glue my hair together?

Created on during Dreadlocks Q&A

DREAD WAX does it glue my hair together?

The short answer is no, dread wax helps dreads to tighten up and filters faster.

Some think wax prevents all movements between the hairs in the dread, and assume it seems like glue.
The truth is that dread wax is not like glue and glue is totally unacceptable substitute for dread wax.

Wax will make movement in your hair slower but never stop it completely. First time you get wax in your dreads and palmroller it's very obvious that your hair can still move around.

The big difference between dreads treated with wax and none wax treated dread's is that hair in a waxed dread only moves when a force affects it (such as palmrolling) otherwise it moves very little, - it is very important and the reason why wax can benefit Your Dreads.

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