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Great Halloween costume ideas for Dreadheads

Created on during Dreadlocks Q&A

Great Halloween costume ideas for Dreadheads


It can be quite a challenge to find a good costume being someone with dreadlocks. It's like they always take all of the attention, and therefore the costume needs to fit the locks. We therefore asked our followers on Instagram for help, and these the amazing suggestions we received: 


- Medusa (an extra tip here, is to use wire to share your dreads.)
- Captain Jack Sparrow 

- Pirate 

- Pineapple 

- Ghost 

- Cave person 

- Goddess Artemis 

- Michonne from the walking dead

- Corey Taylor Ghost Glow mask

- Voodoo priestess 

- Sideshow Bob 

- Tie a helium filled balloon to each one and be "high". 

- Spider 

- Viking

- Pippi Longstockings

- Bob Marley 

- Lion

- Faerie

- Werewolf 


We hope that you found this helpful. 
If you'd like to share your Halloween costume with us, then tag us: 
@DreadheadShop #DreadheadShop 


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