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Knotty Boy, DollyLocks and Raw Roots are committed to the manufacturing of natural dreadlocks products. At Dreadheads we have high standards for selling only the purest and highest quality dreadlocks products available on the market today, as close to their source of origin as possible.


Most of the ingredients you will recognize as being very healthy for both hair and body. Some of their scientific names you may not recognize, but you will soon understand what they are and from where they are naturally sourced after reading their description on the full ingredients list.


However, please be assured only the most body-safe and mild of all synthetic ingredients approved for use in the industry are used. These synthetic ingredients are, in fact, typically found in most ‘natural’, health food store hair care products, and are far safer than those used in drug-store shampoos and conditioners.


Don’t be frightened by the big ingredient names – read on for more info!


Browse the ingredients list here!