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Get dreadlocks, fixet roots or maybe you want extensions? Looking for a dreadlock maker, or do you not mind doing it yourself, but don't know how!

Here you will find guides and products for making, maintaining and caring for your new and mature dreadlocks.
How to make dreadlocks! - Here you will find all information about the launch of dreadlocks.

Info on attachment of dreadlocks! - Information and guides on how to maintain your dreadlocks and descriptions and videos about all the different ways to make dreadlocks.
Dreadlock Kits - Here you will find kits with all the products you need for launching and maintaining dreadlocks.
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Dreadheads has everything in natural products for washing, scalp care and maintenance of dreadlocks as well as a wide range of tools, jewelry, headbands, rasta hats and more.

Do you have questions about dreadlocks or are you looking for someone who can help with your dreadlocks?

Find our Facebook group with dreadlock experts ready to answer your questions, click on the image.