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How to add Extensions


In this video, I will show you how to add extensions made from human hair.


How to add dreadlock extensions!


1. It's very important to section the hair right from the start. This will decide the thickness of the dreadlock and how easy it is to maintain in the future. We recommend using sections on 2 x 2 cm or less if you want thin dreadlocks.


2. To start the dreadlock we use the twist and rip method. (You can learn more about this method on our website) Do not make it to tight since we want to work the extension into the dreadlock. But make the base of the dreadlock quit firm and save the tips for the extension.


3. Open the end of the Dreadlock Extension so you have at least 5 cm of loose fluffy hair. Connect the extension to the base you have made in your hair.


4. Start working the hair into the extension and the extension into the natural hair. This might take some time and the more time you use the better result you get. The tool I use in this video is a double dreadlock crochet hook.


I have a size 0,75 to start with and the tighten and make the finish I use a size 0,5.



Products to use: Lock-powderTightening GelTightening SprayHæklenåle.



In this video Leslie from DollyLocks guides you to add extensions to your dreads using tread.