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How to get startet on dreadlocks

The following pages will guide you through the starting-phase of having your dreadlocks done.

Are you mentally prepared for dreadlocks?

This page will go through the thoughts behind having dreadlocks done, and how to prepare your mindset to becoming a dreadhead.


Prepare your hair and scalp before you begin:

Your hair and scalp has come accustomed to certain habits concerning your washing routine, and how often you brush or comb it.

To make the transition to dreadlocks easier, there are a few things you can do.


You will need this to start your dreadlocks:

This is your checklist of dread-gear. You will be able to start and maintain your dreads for several months with these items.


Step by step guide on how to make dreadlocks:

Here we will guide you in every step you need to begin making dreadlocks.


Video-guide for starting dreadlocks:

How to make dreadlocks with the Backcombing-method.

How to make dreadlocks with the Twist and Rip-method.

How to make dreadlocks with the Crochet-method.