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How to install Synthetic dreadlock extensions.

There are several way to install dreadlock extenions.

In the webshop we have both single-ended and double-ended dreadlocks.

For a full head of dreadlocks we recommend to use a mix of both because it will add more volume to your hair. 

Before you start braiding in your dreadlocks you need to section your hair.

You can do this first an put in rubberbands or you can section as you go when installing the dreads.


Here is a video with the 3 ways of sectioning the hair







This video shows how to attach single ended dreadlocks





How to Add Double ended Dreadlock extensions






This video shows how to attach dreadlock extensions in long hair  





How to add extensions in very short hair

Used for the braiding technique: Elastic bandsTail comb or Latch hair tool
If you want to use the dreadlocks for permanent extensions in dreadlocks, just cut the loop and attach the dreadlock to the existing dreadlocks.