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Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions

Suitable for adding length to existing dreadlocks or just adding colour or volume.

(If you want special colours, they can be ordered with a delivery time of 4-6 weeks)


It can be very time consuming to make your own extensions and too expensive to source human hair.

With these natural dreadlocks, you save time on preparation which makes it perfect for dread makers or crafty friends with an extension job ahead of them.


If you are making new dreadlocks from scratch, adding human hair extensions will help your natural dreadlocks grow straight as they add weight to the dreadlocks once attached. And give a mature finish to your dreadlocks from day one.


Having had dreadlocks for a while, you'll know that the more length you have, the more options you have to style your dreadlocks.

Especially if you like up do's.

Dreadlocks with coloured tips give a great finish for some extra style to your look!


You will need 50 dreadlocks for a full head. If you have sidecut or bangs you will need less.

Installation of Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions:

I recommend getting an experienced dread maker to install the dreadlocks but it is also possible to do it yourself.

Watch the videos below.


Use crochet needle to attach extensions and make sure they are attached properly as they may eventually slide out and give weak points to dreadlocks.

If you are not experienced in installing you can use the thread to give the dreadlocks extra hold.


The tips on the dreadlocks are open so you can choose whether they should be closed and round or have a natural look and be open, it also allows more length to keep them open.


See how to close the tips here!


If you want to permanently instal the extensions in your dreadlocks.

Comb some hair out in the top or simply just ad the extension as it is.


Video guides:


1. See this video on our recommended way to install dreadlocks permanently!


2. Here is another video on how to install dreadlocks permanently (same methode).


3. Here is the recomended methode from dollylocks to add dreadlock extensions.



For permanent installations, you will need a Crochet needleDread Comb and maintenance products that will help the locking process.

How to maintain Human hair dreadlock extensions:


If permanently attached, they are maintained as natural dreadlocks.

See more here!



Wash your hair with Dreadlock shampoo and focus on the scalp.

If they are braided tight to the scalp, use a sponge with shampoo and dip/squeeze soap into the scalp.


This avoids creating loose hair and loosening of the braid.



Human hair Dreadlock Extensions can withstand heat so you can curl, straighten and dry as in ordinary hair, but be careful not to burn the hair.


Maintenance of dreadlocks:

Maintenance with a small crochet needle and work all loose hair into the dreadlock.


See more about dreadlocks maintenance.