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Prepare yourself for Dreadlocks

Prepare yourself for Dreadlocks – Are you totally ready?

Dreads are ‘awesome’ but like a pet you really have to make some sacrifices, they need a lot of love and time for maintenance, especially when they are new.

There are some things you should know and be aware of before you jump on your dreadlock journey.


First you need to relax and realize that dreadlocks is more a process or journey than a single day’s work, it’s not ‘just’ something you do. Dreads have ups and downs over time as they mature. Some days they look sweet and some days they look pretty ‘ crappy ‘. The bonus here is that mature dreads always look good, so no more bad hair days when they have come so far 


Beside that, having dreadlocks can raise a lot of questions. Maybe you are one of the few, that some people have ever seen with dreads . Of course they will have a lot of uncomfortable questions , like: ‘Can you wash your hair?’ Or: Aren’t they filled with mites?. In most circumstances, they are rude questions so you must be prepared for this. They will ask how you started them, what you put in them, if that’s all your own hair, if you take them out at night … etc.

You will be able to answer these questions better over time. But sometimes it can be really hard not to lose spirit completely, when you hear what people come up with.


Another thing you should know is the reason why you want dreadlocks . There is no right or wrong reason for dreadlocks, so do not let anyone convince you that their reason is “better” than yours. And there is no right or wrong way to make dreadlocks, so do not let anyone convince you that one method is better than another .

There are easy and hard ways to make dreadlocks , but it is your choice how you want to fix them , and how much time you can spend on them. Most important is what you want and what works for you. Some people get dreads because of a mental/spiritual cause, some due to fashion and some because they are a hardcore Juggalo. Whatever your reason is, stand by it and be prepared to back it up.


Now is a good time to mention that the methods recommended here is not the “only” right way to make dreads . After a lot of experiments , we believe that this approach is the best way to start and maintain dreadlocks. We’ll explain why in the following pages. In fact these methods work so well, that if you start out with our dreadlock kit and follow these instructions, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your dreadlocks.

Instead of giving information about each method, we have chosen to focus solely on backcombing and maintenance techniques using backcombing.


Backcombing is a natural dreading method where you manually put knots in your hair, and then focus on creating the best possible environment for nodes to become dreads .


No chemicals of any kind are used to force the hair to dread. All products are natural and contribute to the natural dread process. This is not a momentary process, but by understanding the dreading process, giving it time and care, you can create healthy, mature dreadlocks in a matter of months . The same understanding allows you to control the appearance of your dreads. From super thin micro-dreads to massiv Marley-like dreadlocks.


Dreads are now an art form.


Dreadlocks are nothing less than life-changing . They are your dreads and they can be a symbol for something you want. This is a great opportunity to do something that you have put off for a long time!