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Here you will find everything you need for tightening & maintaining dreadlocks. Natural dreadlock products that helps with tightening and care of both new and mature dreadlocks.

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Dread Tightening - Avoid loose and frizzy hair

Dreadlocks need tightening and care. Many loose and frizzy hairs can come on quickly, and to counteract this you can use various dread tightening products.

A dread tightening spray is made on salt water, so the effect feels a bit like having been in the sea. This may seem a bit drying, but tightening sprays are especially recommended for new dreadlocks, as these need a little extra dryness to tighten up. For newer dreadlocks, you can also use a dreadlock wax, which easily ties your dreads together until they are ready to develop further on their own. For the same purpose, you can also use a dread pomade, and both pomades and wax can also dread tightening products, which can be used to combat fluffy and loose hair on mature dreadlocks.

For the mature dreads, we also recommend using a dreadlock tightening gel. These are based on aloe vera and therefore add extra moisture to your dreadlocks, which helps prevent the hair from cracking. Jamaicans and Rastafarians have used aloe vera for tightening and moisturizing for hundreds of years and praised its good effect on dreadlocks - of course, aloe vera is an important ingredient for dread tightening in gel form.

When you need to roll (palm roll) dreadlocks you can use dread tightening gel and for the same purpose you can also use a tightening spray. However, it is not a good idea to use either pomade or gel to curl with as they are harder to get out of the hair again. A lock powder is also a really good tool if you need to make dreadlocks, but it can also be used to repair them with. The powder dries out the hair and gives the hair friction, so it more easily filters into dreads.

See our guide to tightening tips here, or see how to tighten dreadlocks up at the bottom here.