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What is Interlocking ?

In the past it was crocheting dreadlocks using hooks hardly known . When people talked about crocheting dreadlocks , they talked about a technique described below where dreads pulled through them to tighten up. This technique is now known as the Interlocking . It’s not just a maintenance technique but it is used actually to start dreads. Interlocking techniques used primarily for micro ” dreads ” in African textured hair. In larger dreads and straighter hair textures, the technique is not normally used because of the thin, wrapped / braided appearance, that it leaves.


Interlocking or crocheting of this type are not a good choice for tightening of dreads. The twists it leaves the dreads are permanent scars. They create inflection where dreads bend unnaturally and the hair is twisted can never really dread’e . The technique can be used for loops sticking out of a mature dread, but now that we have tools like a crochet needle and Lock Docta its faster and a better way that do not leave imperfections in your dreadlocks. In other words, there is no reason to interlock dreadlocks unless you make micro dreads, the really small dreads (which are usually confused with braids), consisting of more twists than knots (so they are technically not dreadlocks).


This video shows how to interlock dreadlocks!