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Wide Selection for Dreadlocks

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Gel Colorant

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Semi-permanent hair colour for effects on hair and dreadlocks.
Can be used both for dyeing the entire hair but also as effects and on tips.
Ready to use, no mixture with oxidizing agents.


Natural and Clean


Category: Accessories


Gel Hair color in many colorful colors.

Semi-permanent hair color for effects on hair and dreadlocks. Ready to use directly from the bottle
Without ammonia and oxidant.
Holds about 6-8 hair wash (longer on bleached hair)
The color pigments fall continuously and evenly


Content 75 ml


Apply to towel-dried hair and distribute well, let sit for 15-20 minutes and rinse well. Wear gloves as discoloration may occur.


For color refreshment, mix a little hair color with hair conditioner and let it sit on the hair for approx. 5 minutes. Then rinse well.
The hair color becomes more radiant and appears in new shine - Color and hair care in one.


If the hair is chemically treated, an individual color result is possible.
The colors shown may vary depending on the screen or browser setting and are therefore not color consistent.

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