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Spiralocks - Handmade and Bendable

SpiraLocks are vegan and handmade, and they offer a nice way to style them the way you want them. Inside, they have steel wire, which is surrounded by a softer material, and can therefore be bent so that they can be used for all thicknesses and amounts of dreadlocks, without damaging your locks or creating tension. In addition to spiralocks offering a really easy way to put your hair up, the production supports an environmentally and socially sustainable purpose.

SpiraLocks was founded by two friends Helen and Peta back in 2011, when they were looking for a solution to set up their dreadlocks. The first SpiraLocks were produced in their kitchen for their own use, and in the early days the production of the Spiralocks, they were able to sell, took place at their own home. However, over time, the demand became too great for them to keep up with, and in 2017, production was moved to Fiji. It was a priority for the founders of SpiraLocks that production should help poor families, and therefore they chose the village of Gunu on one of the outermost islands of Fiji. Today, therefore, Spiralocks are made by hand by women in the village of Gunu, who can now help provide for their families.

What length of Spiralocks should I have?

Most of our SpiraLocks can be purchased in two different lengths - 50 cm or 60 cm. If you have dreadlocks that are thick or ends from the shoulders to the middle of the back, 50 cm is a good choice. Be sure to wrap it around your hair at least twice. 60 cm, on the other hand, is very suitable for thick and heavy dreadlocks with a length from the middle of the back. Here you need to wrap it around the dread ponytail two and a half or three times to ensure a high sitting position for your bun or dreadlock ponytail.