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What are Synthetic Dreadlocks

What are synthetic dreadlocks?

Synthetic dreadlocks are made from synthetic hair that you braid into your natural hair. They are therefore temporary and can easily be removed again if you no longer want them or if you want a different color or length.

However, you can use synthetic hair to give extra length in 'real' dreadlocks of real hair but we recommend using real hair for this as the durability of real hair is better and the hair will not look 'artificial' compared to your own hair.

Synthetic dreads can be made of different materials, but to achieve the best quality, the dreads we sell are made of henlon hair. Synthetic dreadlocks are lightweight, flexible and very durable as they are 100% crocheted without twists.

What type of synthetic dreadlocks should I choose? DE or SE Dreadlocks

When you mention synthetic dreadlocks you will come across SE Dreadlocks which means Singled Ended Dreadlocks, SE dreadlocks are a dreadlock with a loop or * eye * at the top which you use to attach to the hair.

The other type is DE which means 'Double ended', it is a long dreadlocks which has 2 ends and it is braided in the middle of the dreadlock. Our DE dreadlocks are 100 cm long and when they are braided in the middle, they become about 50 cm long after application. You can also choose to braid them closer to one end so that they create layers and fullness in the hair. The advantage of Double Ended Dreadlocks is that they generally create more fullness as you get two dreads in one division of hair.

The best result is obtained by mixing the two types.

Which Thickness of Dreadlocks to Choose?

We have both normal and thin SE dreadlocks in the shop. The thin extensions are 4 - 6 mm and are especially good for thin and fine hair, they are also really good if you want a lot of thin dreadlocks. The normal extensions are about 8 mm thick (pen size) and can be used for all types of hair and styles.

Our Synthetic DE Dreadlocks have a thickness of 6-8 mm and can therefore be used with both thicknesses of single ended dreadlocks.

Which thickness you choose is a matter of taste, you just have to be aware that more extensions will be needed if you choose the thin dreadlocks.

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