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Hats and Visors

Dreadlock Hats and dread caps - we have a wide range of knitted dreadlock Rasta Hats and Caps. Baggy, oversized hats in many colors and designs to suit all sizes of dreadlocks.

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Dreadlock Hats and caps - with space for dreads

Even though dreadlocks provide fewer bad hair days, you can still have bad hair days. Therefore, it can be nice to have a quick fix to cover loose and frizzy hair and outgrowths. However, it can be quite impossible to get your dreadlocks squeezed into regular hats and caps. Therefore, of course, we have a wide selection of extra large and baggy dreadlock hats, and caps with space for dreadlocks, so you do not have to struggle with that problem.

Dreadlock Caps

Our dreadlock hats and caps are NOT equipped with velcro, which can get stuck in your dreadlocks. Instead, they must either be tied at the neck or assembled in an adjustable closure mechanism at the neck, so you do not have to pull your dreadlocks free of velcro joints. If you want your hair covered, but at the same time shade from the sun, we also have baggy hats for dreadlocks with sun shade in different colors and materials.

Dreadlock Hats

We also have baggy hats and beanies for dreadlocks without sun shade. Depending on what you need, you can choose between reversible hats with two different colors, nice knitted hats, lined hats for the cold days and thin hats - all with room for dreadlocks. Depending on the type you choose, they are made in either cotton, wool or acrylic. In addition, we have two types of baggy hats with a hole in them, so they can be used as both a hat and a headband - this can be quite practical if you have extra thick or long dreadlocks.

Swimming cap for dreadlocks

If you want to prevent your dreadlocks from getting soaked and heavy when you go to the beach and swim or a walk in the swimming pool, then our silicone bathing cap is a good choice. This can be used by both adults and children, and can be purchased in two different lengths, depending on the loin of your dreadlocks.