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Flower of Life Headband

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Flower of life headband in super soft and strechy material.

The headband is 25 cm wide and loose fit, will perfectly cover all the little loose hairs and hold your dreadlocks back.

What is the flower of life?

Flower of Life / Flower of Life is a sacred geometric symbol showing the pattern of the universe and can be found in many religions and cultures of the world - one of the oldest sacred symbols known to man.

The Flower of Life has deep spiritual meaning and is thought to contain the patterns of creation that came from the great void / voids in the universe.

By meditating on this symbol of the sacred geometry and wear Flower of Life symbol on the body, it is known to have strong healing powers, helps us to dissolve fears, helping us to connect with our higher self, the stronger self-awareness mm. Within the Flower of Life is also the Seed of Life, Tree of Life mm.

Weight 50 g

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