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Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions

Our synthetic dreadlocks are crocheted and have a completely natural look just like 'real' dreadlocks.

Learn more about how to apply and maintain synthetic extensions here

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Synthetic dreadlocks - Extensions of synthetic hair

Synthetic dreadlocks are extensions made from synthetic hair and are often used to braid into regular hair to either try having dreadlocks before taking the final jump. It is also a good idea to use synthetic dreadlocks if you want the opportunity to be able to take them out again regularly and possibly. switch between different colors. Our synthetic dreadlocks are crocheted and have a completely natural look just like 'real' dreadlocks, and they also feel like real dreads.

Synthetic dreadlocks can be applied permanently, but we recommend that you use dread extensions of real hair for this purpose, if you want dreadlocks for a longer period of time. See dreadlock extensions of real hair. Synthetic dreadlocks cannot be dyed, but in return they are available in many beautiful colors. Synthetic dreadlocks are light and flexible, and they last a long time, as they are crocheted without twists - something you usually see with dread extensions.

How to install dreadlock extensions?

Synthetic extensions can be braided into regular hair and various braiding techniques can be used. The advantage of braiding these dreadlocks in is that you can easily take them out again if you are not ready to get ´real´dreadlocks or you want fullness or other color in the hair.

See how to apply and maintain synthetic dreadlocks here

How often should you re-apply your synthetic dreadlocks?

We recommend reinstalling synthetic extensions approx. every 3 months, as at this point there will have been an "outgrowth". Then take out your extension and apply it again at the base of the hair. Between installations, they can be immersed in boiled water. It tightens the dreadlock.

Washing of synthetic dreadlocks:

Wash your hair normally with residue free shampoo and focus on the scalp. If they are braided tightly to the scalp, you can use a sponge with shampoo on and dab / press the soap down into the scalp. In this way you avoid creating loose hair and that the braids loosen where the synthetic dreadlocks are attached.

Avoid hot tools for synthetic dreadlocks:

Do not use hot tools such as curling irons or straighteners in synthetic dreadlocks as this WILL ruin them. They will start to melt and you will be left with plastic down your back - Practice! However, you can use a hair dryer.

Maintenance of synthetic dreadlocks:

Like "normal" dreads, synthetic dreadlocks need to be maintained. Do this with a small crochet hook and work all loose hair into the dreadlock as if it were 'real' dreadlocks.

Can you dye synthetic dreadlocks:

No, synthetic hair is made of plastic so it cannot be dyed.