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Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions

Our extensions are made of European hair and are of really good quality. 

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Real Hair Dread Extensions - made from real European hair

Our Dreadlock extensions of real hair are made of real human hair from Europe and are most often used to extend 'real' dreadlocks that you already have. They are somewhat more expensive than other dread extensions, but the durability of real hair is almost infinite, and these Real Hair Dread Extensions therefore hardly need to be replaced. The advantage of applying extensions of real hair is also that they 'mature' just like your own real hair, and they therefore do not have to be replaced with time as your hair and your dreads develop. Real Hair Dread Extensions can also be dyed, so if you want to dye your hair, and if the ones we offer are not available in the color you want, they can easily be dyed together with your other hair.

We have both thick and thin Real Hair Dread Extensions, all of which are available in two lengths, 30 cm and 50 cm, and you can choose between different colors, so you get the color that best matches your own hair. If you do not think the color hits completely, you can color hair and extensions. They are all handmade with crochet hook and they are all of really good quality.

Non-dreaded extensions of real, loose hair.

You can also buy loose hair so you can make your dreadlocks yourself in the thickness and style you want. You can also have them made in our dreadhead studio by our skilled dreadlock hairdressers. Common to our selection of Real Hair Dreadlock Extensions in loose hair is that you can choose between several different colors, and the hair in the bundle weighs 50 g, and that there can be between 10 and 20 dreadlocks, depending on what thickness you make them in. Depending on the type of extensions in loose hair you choose, they are available in different lengths.