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Dread Care - Everything you need to care for your dreadlocks!

There are several aspects of dread care. Here you will find everything you need for successful care and maintenance of dreadlocks. For example, if you have relatively new dreads, an important part of your dread care is to use a tightening spray - read more about products for new dreads. If you have dry scalp and dreads, you can use our RAW ROOTs Rescue Tonic, which adds moisture and relieves itching. When you have more mature dreads, it is still a good idea to have a dread care routine to keep the dreads neat and tight. That's why it's a really good idea to use Lock Spray, Tightening Gel and Hydrating Oil - read the blog post 3 products for maintaining dreadlocks.

An important part of your dread care should also be to use a residue free shampoo that does not leave product residues in your dreads - why is it important to use residue free shampoo? Even if you use residue free shampoo, your dreads need a deep cleanser, and this should also be part of your routine for dread care every 3 to 12 months - read our blog post about detox here.

We also have various tools you can use for your dread care. A crochet hook, for example, is really good for tightening dreads, and combs are an important dread care tool to toupee the dreads with. See our selection here.

We are experts in dreadlocks, so if you are in doubt about anything you can read here everything there is to know about dreadlocks and dread care. If you are looking for advice on your dreads and your dread care, you are also very welcome to contact us via the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.