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RAW ROOTs Dry Hair Shot & Scalp Revive - Oil Treatment

17,00 EUR

Without discernment

Dry Hair Shot Oil treatment with Organic Babassu, Wild Carrot and Lavender.
This organic oil treatment is specifically designed for dry hair and scalp.
If your scalp is screaming for new life and mouisture here is the treatment you need.
Adds moisture, shine and makes the hair soft and delicious.

Model/Product no.: RW15
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RAW ROOTs Dry Hair Shot & Scalp Revive - Oil Treatment

This organic mixture of Carrot and Babassu moisturizes dry hair and makes it shine again.
Dry and delicate scalp is nurtured and the oil provides a wonderful aromatherapy while the treatment is on.


Specially made for dry hair, also good for Afro hair.


How to use Hair shot oil:

Step 1 - Wash your hair with shampoo and dry with towel.
We recommend our natural selection of organic shampoos for best results.

Step 2 - Apply the oil to your scalp
Gradually work the oil over your entire scalp and massage thoroughly for 3-5 minutes.
Don't worry about loosening any hair, it will come out anyway, and now you simply make room for new hair growth.
The stimulating effect on your scalp will help stimulate healthy new hair growth and rid your scalp of dead skin cells.
Once you have thoroughly massage your scalp, you can work the oil outward to the hair tips. (can be omitted if you only want treatment on the scalp)


Step 3 - Cover your hair with a shower cap / plastic and towel.
A shower cap helps keep the oil treatment warm.
Gather your hair under the shower cap and then rinse a towel under hot water.
Turn the towel over excess water and wrap it around your head (on top of your shower cap).
This heats and opens hair follicles so that the oil penetrates deeper into the skin and hair.
Remove the towel when it is cold and let the cap sit for another 30 minutes.


Step 4 - Wash it out
Rinse with warm water during a shower.
The hot water will reactivate the oil to give it an extra boost of shine.
Turn down the heat and wash your hair, you may need to wash twice to make sure the oil is completely removed.
To avoid damage from blow drying, allow your hair to air dry for as long as possible.
Repeat weekly to maintain optimal condition.

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