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Here you will find shampoos for wash & care of dreadlocks. All products are natural plant based and residue free and available both as liquid shampoo, soap bar and spray.

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Residue free Shampoo for dreads

When you have dreadlocks, it is important that you use residue free shampoo to wash your dreads. Residue free which means that the shampoo does not contain chemicals and care products that penetrate the hair and are not rinsed out again.

There are several reasons why you should use residue free shampoo for dreads.

First of all, many ordinary shampoos contain emollients, which, among other things, help to make the hair easier to style. Dreads start as knots, which are tightened up to actual dreadlocks. If you do not use a residue free shampoo, these substances can help loosen your dreads, as they counteract the hair's natural friction and ability to make knots.

Another important reason to use residue free shampoo for dreads is that accumulations and residues of care products from normal shampoos can help to stop the air circulation in the dreads. This can cause them to hold on to moisture for longer periods of time, and ultimately it can result in rot or fungus in the dreadlocks. We want to avoid this for everything in the world.

Shampoo bar, liquid shampoo or spray and foaming shampoo?

Most people use liquid shampoo for their hair and dreads as it is easy to use and store. However, there are also certain benefits to using a shampoo bar. It is slower to use, and can therefore last longer - at the same time it is easy to distribute around the scalp. A spray or foam shampoo can be put directly on the scalp without having to be massaged or foamed up. This way you avoid pushing and jerking too much on your dreadlocks, and this is especially smart on newer dreadlocks.

After all, it's about personal preferences. But no matter what type of shampoo you are for, we have one natural and vegan residue free shampoo that you can use to wash and care for your dreads.