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Care and Installations of Dreadlocks with Human hair

Dreadlocks made from real hair are well suited for extension at the start of dreadlocks or in existing dreadlocks.

By adding length with extensions, it helps the new dreadlocks to grow just as the weight of the hair counteracts loops and dents.

It gives a nice finish and of course the extra length and fullness that often disappears when you get dreadlocks made.

When you apply dreadlock extenions of real hair, you dread it into a dreadlock so that the collection will not be seen. Then these extensions grow out with your own hair and do not need to be re-installed or removed.

About 50 dreadlocks are needed for a whole hair. If you have sidecut or bangs, you can count on less.

Once your dreadlock extensions are properly installed and integrated into your dreadlocks, they are maintained exactly like real dreadlocks

You can read a lot more about how to maintain dreadlocks here

Real hair dreadlocks can be both dyed and heat resistant so you can curl smooth and dry as if you did not have dreadlocks, be careful not to burn your hair.

How to apply Dreadlock extensions of human hair:

I recommend getting an experienced Dreadmaker / Dread hairdresser to extend dreadlocks with extensions, it is also possible to do even if you have the courage to do it carefully.

We recommend using crochet hooks to attach extensions and make sure that they are fastened properly, as otherwise they can slip out over time and give weak points on your dreadlocks.

If you are not so experienced in attaching extensions, you can also use wire to attach the dreadlock.

The tips of our dreadlock extensions are open / loose, so you can choose whether they should be closed and round or have the natural look and be loose, it also gives more length to keep them open.

See here how to close the tips of a dreadlock.

If you want to use synthetic extensions for permanent extension in dreadlocks, you just cut the loop up and apply it to existing dreadlocks as if it were real hair.


Here you will find video guides on how to install dreadlock extensions permanently:



In this video Alin from Dollylocks how you attach extensions with thread




When you install dreadlocks permanently you will need Crochet hooks, Comb and Products that help the tightening process.