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How to Install Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions

How to install synthetic dreadlock extensions

There are several ways to install dreadlock extensions.

In the weshop we have both single-end and double-ended dreadlocks.

For a full head of dreadlocks, we recommend using a mixture of both because it will add more volume to your hair and look more natural.

Before you start braiding your dreadlocks, divide your hair into sections.

You can do this with elastics first, or you can section along the way when installing your dreads.

There are several ways to install dreadlock extensions

You can braid them on and then have the option to take them out again.

When braiding extensions, we recommend that you wear them for a maximum of 3 months. Then the hair at the base will start to make its own dreadlock and become difficult to comb out.

If you want extensions for more than 3 months, they are peeled off, the hair is washed and then they can be braided in again.

One can also apply synthetic extensions permanently as a 'real' dreadlock.

If you want to apply extensions permanently, use single ended extensions and then cut the loop at the top of each extension so you have an open end.


To braid extensions you will need: Elastics to fasten the braids, Pointed comb to divide the hair, Clips to hold the hair and a Small Loose Hair Tool to guide the hair through the loop on the dreadlock.



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