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Maintenance of dreadlocks

Getting dreadlocks is a journey that is always evolving and we are here to help and advise you, through your dreadlock adventure.
Many people think that dreadlocks do NOT need care and that you can just stop washing your hair or do anything about them. But that is not entirely true.

If you do not maintain your dreadlocks, they will contract, become short and have dents. Likewise, the hair will contract near the scalp and if you do not get it separated the scalp will have trouble breathing and it would cause irritation and itching.

Beautiful dreadlocks require care and maintenance to stay beautiful and stay in shape.

The scalp will most likely itch and be a bit irritated, the first time when you have your dreadlocks done but luckily we have some really good products for that. They will help to soothe, cool and nourish, so you quickly can get rid of irritated scalp, dandruff and itching.

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