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Welcome to Dreadheadstudio!

Do you need to have dreadlocks made or repaired by a professional dreadlock hairdresser? Then you have come to the right place! We are experts in dreadlocks and do everything in the field of dreadlocks and dreadlock extensions.



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Where to find us

Our dreadlock studio is located in Engesvang, between Silkeborg and Ikast - right in the middle of Jutland. With the train and the motorway as neighbors, it does not matter where you come from, so you can easily get here by public transport or car.

Experts in dreadlocks - a dreadlock hairdresser with its own dread care product line

We are a team of dreadlock hairdressers with many years of experience in making dreadlocks and dreadlock extensions - in addition, we are also experts in how to best care for and nurture dreadlocks. Read all about dreadlocks and dread care here.

As a dreadlock hairdresser, we have our own handmade and natural dread care product range. In 2014, we started developing and producing our own products in our own brand RAW ROOTs, as it can be difficult to find good, natural and organic products in dread care, cosmetics and skin care. Read about the background for RAW ROOTs here - Opens in new tab.

In our shop and webshop we also sell everything for care, washing, tightening, dyeing and detox of dreadlocks, and in addition you can buy tools and jewelry for dreadlocks as well as a lot of different dread wear. To the shop.