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Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions

They are lightweight, flexible and very long lasting because they are 100% crocheted and without twists (as you usually see in dreadlock extensions).


Each extension is 50 cm long and about 1 cm thick.

You need 50 dreadlocks for a full head of extensions.

If you have sidecut or bangs you will need less.


They are available in 5 different colours, but if you have other special requests, they can be ordered with a delivery time of 4-6 weeks.


The tips are open for you to choose whether they should be closed and rounded or have a natural look and be open, it gives the hair more length to keep the tips open.


The Dreadlock extensions are 'single ended' which means they have a loop at the end which is used for attaching the dreadlock.

It gives a natural look when they are braided in and if you want its possible to cover the braid with hair of the same colour.

See here how.


If you want to use the dreadlocks for permanent extensions in dreadlocks, just cut the loop and attach the dreadlock to the existing dreadlocks.


This video shows how to attach single ended dreadlocks in short hair


This video shows how to attach Single ended dreadlock extensions in long hair  


How to add extensions in dreadlocks for colour or volume  


This is how you attach extension permanently in dreadlocks  


Used for the braiding technique: Elastic bandsTail comb or Loose hair tool/Small Latch hook.