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About dreadlocks extensions

What are dreadlock extensions and which ones to choose?

Dreadlock extensions can be used to either lengthen real dreadlocks or one can braid extensions in natural hair.
Extensions can also be used to add color and extra fullness to the hair.
There are 3 types of dreadlock extensions, made from real hair, synthetic hair or wool.

Dreadlock extensions of real hair are made of real human hair and are used to lengthen 'real' dreadlocks. They are somewhat more expensive but the durability of real hair is almost infinite. So the advantage of applying dreadlocks extensions of real hair is that they 'mature' just like their own real hair and they therefore do not have to be replaced over time. Extensions of real hair can also be heat-treated and dyed, so if you want to dye your hair or that the extensions we offer are not available in the color you want, they can easily be dyed.

Dreadlock extensions of wool are made of Nepalese wool and are very easy to wear. They give a different look than the crocheted synthetic and real hair dreadlocks. Wool extensions are only available as Double ended and are installed like synthetic dreadlocks extensions with a braid.

Synthetic dreadlock extensions are made of synthetic hair (ie it is fake hair and usually made of plastic). These are often used to braid in ordinary hair to either try wearing dreadlocks before taking the final jump or if you want the opportunity to be able to take them out again regularly and possibly switch between different colors.
Our crocheted dreadlock extensions of synthetic hair are made of Henlon hair of the best quality. The crocheted dreadlocks look and feel just like real, natural dreads.

Synthetic dreads are easy to wear, flexible and very durable as they are 100% crocheted without twists (as you usually see in dreadlock extensions). Synthetic dreadlocks can be applied permanently but we recommend using real hair if you want dreadlock for a longer period of time. Dreadlocks of Synthetic hair can NOT be dyed but are available in many beautiful colors and you can not use heating tools such as curling irons and straighteners.

They are available both as SE Dreadlocks (single ended) and as DE Dreadlocks (double ended). So what is the difference between SE and DE dreadlocks?

What are Single Ended Dreadlocks

Single ended dreadlock extensions are a dreadlock that has a loop at the top which makes it possible to pull the hair through and then make a braid to attach it.

What are Double Ended Dreadlocks

DE dreadlocks are a long dreadlock which is folded in the middle so that when it is put on it becomes 2 dreadlocks.

They are about 100 cm long and then you braid them in the middle so they become about 50 cm long after application.

The tips of our extensions are open so you can choose whether they should be closed and round or have the natural look and be open, it gives more length to keep them open.

If you want to use extensions for extension permanently in dreadlocks, you simply cut the loop up and attach it to existing dreadlocks.

We recommend using about 40 - 50 dreadlocks for a full application of extensions, if you only use single ended we recommend using about 50 pieces and make a combination, you need 16 DE and 24 SE. A combination of SE and DE gives the best result.



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