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Removal and aftercare

When and how should I take out my dreadlocks extensions?

A set of synthetic dreadlocks can last a very long time and just grows with the hair out. BUT we recommend reinstalling them after about 3 months. Hair grows an average of 1-2 cm a month and after 2-3 months the braid comes down so far that the hair at the bottom begins to make a real dreadlock. We will completely avoid this as it is difficult to sort out and takes a long time.

To remove the dreadlock, the elastic must be removed. This can easily be done with a splitting knife and then the braid just needs to be loosened and the dreadlock removed.

When all dreadlocks are out, wash your hair before brushing or combing it. Once it is washed and softened with conditioner in you can start sliding your fingers through and when it feels smooth you can start brushing. Start from the tips and work your way up to the bottom. Once the hair is brushed and smooth, conditioner can be rinsed out.

Then wash your hair again with shampoo and make sure it foams well so you are sure that all the conditioner has been washed out.

Now you can possibly use conditioner again or give your hair a hair treatment.

Will I lose a lot of hair when the extensions are removed

You normally lose about 100 hairs a day whether you have dreads in or not. Many of the hairs are stuck in the braid and therefore you will lose a lot of hair when you remove your dreads. It may look violent but is just the usual amount of hair loss.

You can use your synthetic dreadlocks several times

We recommend that you wash your dreads after removing them.

Wash them by hand or put them in the washing machine. If you use the washing machine, dreadlocks must be placed in a washing bag and washed at a maximum of 30 C. Preferably use a liquid detergent and do not use fabric softener. Dreadlocks must air dry after washing DO NOT use a dryer. You can now put them back in or you can save them for next time.

NOTE: Wool dreadlocks can shrink in the washing machine, so we recommend washing them by hand. Wool dreads are not suitable for dryers either!

How far does it take before I can get them in again and why

You can put them back in right away or you can give your hair a break. We recommend that you feel for and need the scalp for a break so respect it so the scalp can recover and ready for the next time. If you have no problems with scalp, just put them back in.

Hair and Scalp after care

After having dreadlocks for a long time, the scalp may well become dry and irritated. Therefore, it is good with a good cleansing shampoo such as Hydrating Shampoo from Raw Roots and a good conditioner As Ultimate detangler from Knotty Boy. If your scalp is very dry you can use an oil like. For example, Dry Hair Revive - Hair Shot

Storage of Dreadlocks

If you want to take a break with dreadlocks, the most important thing is that they are dry before you put them away. A shoebox or something is perfect. And then they can lie dry and protected until the next time you want them in.

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