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Dread clothing & dread wear for an alternative style

Here you will find dread clothing for Rasta elves, forest nymphs, hippies and bohemians and for you who do not want to look like everyone else!

It is important to us that our dread clothing is made under proper conditions that we can vouch for! Therefore, we get the clothes produced by our own tailor in India, which we have personally visited on several occasions to ensure that the clothes are made under the right circumstances and under proper conditions.

Are you looking for a pair of alternative trousers? Choose from our comfortable Harem pants in cotton or viscose (rayon wool) in different colors and patterns. All Harem pants and Afghani and Aladdin trousers are unisex and have elastic at the waist, back or all around the vein, so they fit several trouser sizes, and several of them can even be used as trouser suits.

In our collection of dread clothing, customers are especially happy with these one size unisex Harem pants in cotton with elastic at the back of the waist. They have a casual waist drop and are available in eight different colors. We are quite fond of the Army green variant, but you can also choose harem pants in the color blue, dusty blue, brown, orange, purple, burgundy or black, so you get the color that suits you best.

As part of our dread clothing, we have scarves, you can use to cover your hair or dreadlocks? We have both Tube scarves and regular scarves! Common to them is that they are incredibly soft and comfortable as they are produced from either cotton or viscose (rayon wool) and acrylic. You’ll find scarves in many different sizes, thicknesses and many different, beautiful colors and patterns.

We also have some nice, lovely ponchos and anoraks in wool or woven cotton among our dread clothing. These all come as one size with a hood and are available in different patterns and colors. You can also find beautiful, batik-colored leggings, a dress and a top in orange and brownish shades, which go well with other plain clothes. In addition, you will find different alternative tops and dresses in beautiful colors and patterns in our dread clothing collection, which will give an alternative and different touch to your dread clothing style.