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Dreadlock Detox and Deep Cleansing Products

Dreadlock Detox is a deep cleanse that we recommend every 3-12 months to remove impurities, buildup, and debris. You might be amazed at what comes out!


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Dread detox - avoid dirt and impurities in your dreadlocks

why should they be detoxed?

Even if you use residue free shampoo, which does not leave remnants of eg emollients, it is a good idea to make use of a dread detox on a regular basis. In general, it can be quite difficult to get all things and cases out of dreadlocks, and over time, dirt from outside and from the scalp as well as residues from various products will settle in the hair. Therefore, you should preferably do a dread detox at least every 3-12 months, so you are sure that not everything is sitting in them.

Dread detox is primarily done for mature dreadlocks, as newer dreadlocks need more peace to tighten up - If you want to know more about when dreadlocks are mature - read our guide here.

Our products for dread detox

If you have used regular, non-residue free shampoo for your dreads, or need your dreads for a detox, you can use an ACV cleanser. Some people try to make the detox mixture themselves, but if you want to be absolutely sure that you have a mixture that works, you can buy your dread detox here.

We have different solutions for dread detox. Our RAW ROOTs Deep Cleansing Kit is a solution without the use of shampoo, where you instead make use of a cleansing bomb and an ACV cleanser, both of which help to keep your dreads clean. Dollylock's natural dread detox kit contains a detox powder, a shampoo that is available in different scents, and a printed user manual that guides you all the way. In addition, we have a RAW ROOTs ACV Herbal Rinse in spray form, which is recommended after washing with a residue free shampoo. All dreadlocs should be immersed in the mixtures made from the detox powder. For that purpose, you can buy an inflatable tub for washing and detox of dreads, which is comfortable to use and which does not take up as much space when the air is taken.

It is important to use a residue free shampoo for your dreadlocks, to avoid accumulations of product residues. See our selection of shampoo for dreadlocks here.